Hello there,
I’m Maria!

I help conscious brands create a digital presence that reflects their values.

As conscious business owners, we are always considering our impact.
We think about our materials, supply chain, hiring practices, team culture…

But what about our online presence?

Digital platforms have been a life-saver for our businesses.

They allow us to reach bigger audiences with our message & level the playing field. Today, being online is key to reaching our business goals.

But sometimes our digital strategy doesn’t feel quite right.

We feel pressure to always push out more content & chase the algorithm.
But no matter how much we hustle,  somehow we always feel like we are falling short.

As business owners

We see the tricks & tactics we are told we have to use to succeed online & can’t help but feel a bit… yucky.
We don’t want to trick & manipulate. 

As consumers

We don’t like it when these tactics are used to sell to us & we worry about the impact they have on our health, our communities, & our planet.

Digital platforms are amazing when we use them to communicate, inspire & empower. Terrifying when used to manipulate, deceive & control.

No matter how well-meaning we are, we can end up making decisions that harm people, the planet, & ourselves. Our values are clear, but the path to implementing them online is not so straightforward.

With so many new platforms, complicated tech jargon, & self-proclaimed gurus telling us how to be successful online, it can be very difficult to listen to our own voice.

So… where do we go from here?

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of technology to be good for people & the planet.
I know that ethical practices can lead to profitable & sustainable businesses: a true win-win scenario.