About Me

Hello there,
I’m Maria.

I am based in Sweden where I live with my partner and my two fluff-ball puppies, Waldi and Ente. I am a latinx designer, developer and marketer, living in Europe since 2010 and working with clients from all over the world since the early 2000s.

When it comes to design and marketing, I’ve been around the block. My experience of over a decade in the industry opened my eyes to how easy it is to fall into the trap of prioritizing metrics and algorithms over your message and your audience.

My vision is to become an ally and an asset for brands that want to ethically harness the power of design, marketing and development to achieve growth for themselves, the people they interact with and society as a whole.

my work

Crafting experiences with a focus on providing value.

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My Services

How I can help you.

My services are available to brands who are looking to build a powerful, purposeful & meaningful online presence.

Ethical Digital Strategy.

Building your online presence responsibly.

Visual Identity Design.

The look & feel of your brand.

WordPress Development.

Your website from concept to aftercare. 

Integrations & Automations.

All that coding fun. Making tech work for you. 

Custom Projects.

Ordering off the menu to fit your exact needs.

Working with me

My ‘No fluff’ approach.

I believe in the power of design and marketing to make changes for good. I’m looking to work with brands who have a clear vision of the value they can provide and who want to make a positive impact on the people around them. When working together, I will give you the full benefit of my drive, professionalism and tenacity. You will get my full attention and someone who will live and breathe your brand with you.
I have a three step process designed to be all about you. My focus is on collaboration, giving you full visibility of the process and being there to offer support and empower you to make our work your own. I will be inviting you to be a part of the development journey from concept to completion.



We begin from a place of mutual understanding; this is the part where we get to know each other.



On to designing, building and developing; this is where I get to work and you get to see your ideas come to life.



The launch is only the beginning; this is where you make it your own with my help and support.

My Blog

Keep up with my thoughts.

Read more about the work I’ve been doing, what I’ve learned, my projects and my process.


Who I stand with.

I believe in the power of design and marketing to make changes for good.
I believe we can do well by doing good.

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