humane technology

Making tech work for us.

Tech culture needs an upgrade. To enter a world where all technology is humane, we need to replace old assumptions with deeper understanding of how to add value to people’s lives.

Rebuilding the system


Technology is Never Neutral.

We are constructing the social world.

Seeing in Terms of Human Vulnerabilities.

The human brain is inherently vulnerable.

Shifting Product Culture.

Culture change is necessary and hard.

Creating Market Conditions for Humane Technology

This paradigm shift requires a marketplace that rewards humane technology.


Obsess over

Instead of obsessing over engagement metrics.


Strengthen Existing Brilliance

Instead of assuming more technology is always the answer.


Make the Invisible Visceral.

Instead of assuming harms are edge cases.


Enable Wise Choices

Instead of assuming more choice is always better.


Nurture Mindfulness.

Instead of vying for attention.


Bind Growth with Responsibility.

Instead of maximizing growth.