How can I help?

Your digital presence

At the core of a responsible digital presence stand five principles that determine how your brand interacts with your audience, society and the planet. These principles describe what it means to have an ethical and responsible online presence. 

These principles inform every single project I get involved with, and every element of strategy, design and development I create. I believe creating experiences that follow these principles will ultimately lead to better business outcomes, doing well & doing good.

Access & Inclusion

Creating inclusive digital spaces that provide accessible and positive experiences for all users regardless of who they are, where they are and how they interact with your brand.

Privacy & Security

Creating digital spaces that put audiences’ rights, privacy and safety at the forefront. 

Health & Well-being

Creating campaigns, products and offers that put people’s physical and mental health first.

Sustainability & Impact

Creating positive experiences for your audience while behaving responsible towards the planet.

Truth & Transparency

Creating communications and strategies that put people before the sale, and that seek to create long-term connections based on delivering value..

Ethical Digital Strategy.

Building your brand responsibly.

Strategy is at the base of every successful project. We will work together in understanding your goals and the impact of your brand and project, a vision of where your digital presence will go and the steps and resources needed to get there.

Visual Identity Design.

The look & feel of your brand.

In digital scenarios your brand is no longer static, it is built every day by the people who come in contact with it. Your visual identity should be a reflection of your living breathing brand.
Whether you are just getting started or you have branding that just doesn’t feel like you anymore, I will work with you to create a powerful and effective visual identity that reflects who you truly are.

WordPress Development.

Your website from concept to post-launch.

All of my development projects, be it from scratch, redesigns or migrations, are bespoke. Sites custom designed and built with your goals in mind, adding the functionality your web presence needs to serve your business and your community. Beyond the build, if you want to focus on yourself and your business, just say the word and I will handle the updates, bug fixes, virus scans, backups and other regular maintenance tasks so you don’t have to.

Integrations & Automations.

All that coding fun.

I’m proficient in front-end and back-end programming,  and can help you identify and implement development projects, integrations and automations that help you reach your goals without the extra efforts. From bots, to funnels and APIs, we can use tech to help run your business and take work off your plate. 

Custom Projects.

Ordering off the menu.

If your project’s needs don’t match any of the items listed above, or you have specific constrains regarding time, budget or other resources, don’t hesitate to contact me. I have the benefit of being very flexible and I’m sure we will find a way to work together that makes sense for both of us.