Step by step

How we did it


The Brief

I had the chance to work alongside my Jönköping University friend, Aldo Dumitresco on a branding and packaging project for a local brewery.


The Challenge

Create a design that helps the microbrewery achieve consistency in their branding and labeling to enter the large scale market while keeping true to their small town roots.


The Result

A visual identity intrinsecally linked to the brewer’s home town in Sweden. A brand that is modular and fit for label creation and product development. Branding, packaging and collateral that transmit the core brand concept of homecoming.

three dark bottles of beer with green, purple and red labels
Crossbow brewing co stationary, envelope and business cards
two black beer caps with the crossbow brewing co. logo
black cardboard carrier branded for crossbow brewing co, with six bottles of beer
two bottles with green labels one blurred in the background and one one in focus in the front showcasing the back of the label
crossbow brewing co logo on a green, round sticker, pasted on a yellow pole.