Step by step

How we did it


The Brief

I had the opportunity to collaborate with my JU friends Aldo Dumitrescu and Boyana Gerasimova in creating a full visual identity, GUI design and digital content for a new pick-your-own farm venture in Sweden.


The Challenge

To move away from the tired tropes associated with nature and create a visually beautiful, bold and modern take on natural.


The Result

Vibrant colors and bold contrasts featuring the produce to solidify the modern and new approach to the concept of natural. Focusing on social on the experience and the people, to frame the farm as an entertainment venue, rather than grocery shopping.

three glass bottles of milk with njord branding on their label
a laptop and a phone displaying the website for nyjord
cardboard carry box with nyjord branding on a label
Nyjord letterhead and business cards on dark background
three iphones displaying the social media content developed for nyjord
two sheets of craft paper with nyjord branding