Reducing our impact.

Recognizing that climate change poses a threat to the economy, nature and society at large, I commit to take action immediately in order to:

  • Halve my greenhouse gas emissions before 2023
  • Achieve net zero before 2025, reducing emissions and impact on biodiversity
  • Disclose my progress on a yearly basis

In doing so, I am proud to be recognized by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, and join governments, businesses, cities, regions, and universities around the world that share the same mission.

I am aware that my impact doesn’t just begin and end with myself and my business. My collaborators, my clients, and the providers and platforms I choose to support and work with have an impact on people and our planet; for this reason, I specifically choose to work with organizations that strive to have a positive impact and reduce the resources they consume.

I have taken the Clean Creatives pledge:

“I will decline any future contracts with fossil fuel companies, trade associations, or front groups.”