Last Updated:
Jul 23, 2022

Climate impact assessment & action plan.

Full name: Maria Arango Kure
Org. No.: SE8710239727-01 

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +46 (0) 76 1834310

Address: Lundmarksgatan 31,
57831 Aneby, Jkp, Sweden.

As part of my sustainability work, I have taken stock of all my business areas and activities and analyzed the potential impact each might have in terms of sustainability. The following summary goes over the steps I have already taken to tackle the impact of each of my business activities, and the specific actions that I will take to fulfil my commitment to sustainability.


Electricity and heating:

  • I buy 100% renewable electricity
  • I heat and cool with an electric heat pump
  • I use LED low-consumption lightbulbs
  • I have set timers and sensors to manage the lights
  • I must automate a mechanism to turn off all devices in the office when not in use by end of 2022
  • Ongoing reduction of digital footprint (emails sent and received, storage, video streaming etc)

Cleaning & waste management:

  • In depth cleaning activities only take place twice a month.
  • All waste is recycled according to Swedish standards.
  • Usage of food grade cleaning supplies that reduce water pollution.
  • Using solid cleaning products to reduce water, transport and single use plastics.
  • Installation of flow-limiting faucets by end of 2022

Travel and transport:

  • I limit travel for business purposes working remotely from my home office.
  • I use remote conferencing rather than physical meetings whenever possible.
  • I public transport or electric vehicles for commuting.
  • Offset all emissions when engaging in medium and long-haul travel for business by end of 2022


  • I use green hosting servers for development and personal sites.
  • I am in the process of localizing goods providers to the European Union, to reduce transport impact.
  • I prioritize green IT providers who have a sustainability action plan and goals.
  • I focus on repairing and reusing equipment to avoid replacing when possible.
  • Reach a goal of 40% net zero providers by 2023
  • Reach a goal of 70% providers following sustainability goals by 2023
  • Eliminate all providers who don’t have sustainability goals by 2025
  • Eliminate all non net zero providers by 2030


  • I work with industry leaders and perform research towards increasing best practices for digital footprint and sustainable web.
  • I develop all new sites and strategy within the best practices of the sustainable web
  • By end of 2025 have all managed websites scoring single digits of carbon emissions.
  • By end of 2025 have all managed websites and clients in green hosting.
  • By end of 2025 have all clients digital footprint reduced by 60%.
  • By end of 2030 have all clients digital footprint reduced to zero.


  • Promoting sustainability best practices internally with clients, suppliers and collaborators.
  • Promoting sustainability best practices externally on social media and my own platforms.
  • By end of 2022 establishing KPIs for specific awareness campaigns to measure impact.

Leadership & Management

  • I have taken business strategic decisions to join existing campaigns like the sustainable web manifesto, the race to zero initiative, the SME climate hub, business declares, and the clean creatives.
  • Rejecting work with businesses in the coal and fossil fuel industries.
  • Reducing work with businesses in high carbon industries such as air transport, metal production and large scale food production.
  • Reach a goal of 10% net zero clients by 2023
  • Double the amount of net zero clients year on year.
  • Reach a goal of 70% clients following sustainability goals by 2023
  • Eliminate all clients who don’t have sustainability goals by 2025
  • Eliminate all non net zero clients by 2030


  • I work with banking and insurance institutions that has sustainability goals aligned with the UNDG.
  • Revolut bank has joined the Tech Net Zero campaign and actively report and reduce their sustainability progress towards net zero.

Public Affairs

  • Support community work on climate solutions that are socially inclusive.
  • Work with my local community to produce positive local impact.